Organization attempt: Don’t break the chain


I suppose it’s time to come clean and admit that my procrastinating “ability” isn’t really that astounding. It doesn’t enhance my existence. It mostly makes life difficult for the people I care about. When something is so ingrained in your personality, it’s hard to recognize it as a defect. It’s taken a while to get to this point, beyond the “accept me for who I am” mantra. Time to get down to brass tacks, (#mostfavoriteexpression.) I’m ready to cooperate with the universe to get things done – introducing¬† Unprocrastinating method 1.0: Don’t break the chain. You may have heard of it – apparently it’s a motivational technique credited to Jerry Seinfeld, and the beauty is in the simplicity: you decide on a goal, buy a calendar and giant marker, and put an X on the calendar for every day you work on achieving the goal. For example, if I want to motivate myself to clean my house more efficiently, I might put my X on the calendar every time I spend three 20-minute periods on chores every day. I would be *winning*. The only problem: I bought my calendar and giant marker 5 weeks ago and still haven’t so much as removed the shrink-wrap.
Perfectionism? Fear of failure? Laziness? Busyness? Overly optimistic? All bad excuses. Just do it? Doesn’t work. I think I need a personal life coach, (is that a thing?)