There’s a cool name for it (with initials!)

My quest to make sense of myself often leads to dead ends, but not this time – this time I found a real thing that describes me, and it even has an impressive-sounding name: Executive function disorder. Not to make light of it since I’m sure people who have been diagnosed with it wouldn’t appreciate my light-hearted attitude, but you have to admit it sounds cool. Something the CEO of a pharmaceutical company would claim to have right before taking a sabatical in Cancun. Executive function disorder can be linked with ADD but they aren’t one and the same. People with EFD have trouble ordering their tasks and often don’t know how to begin: that’s me. No matter how hard they try, they stumble around when it’s time to start a task: also me. I’m still reading up on how this gets treated (fingers crossed for an easy fix, maybe an EFD cocktail…) Kidding aside, it’s nice to know there are other scatterbrains like me out there, and who knows, maybe they get together regularly in a semi-organized fashion!



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